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My name is Laurie and this is my photography website where I share some of my best photos. I also keep a short blog going here to highlight my current photography projects and favorite subjects. I set up this website to have a better way to enjoy and share the many photos I have taken over the years, and continue to take each day. This project is a work in progress as I slowly but surely sort through my photo archives and add photos to the site.

I got into photography in 2008 because I wanted to take better photos of my dogs. My roots are in dog photography and dogs are still my favorite subject. Ultimately, I expanded to other subjects (mostly animals and nature) and even sold my work at art shows for a few years. Now photography is a passion and serious hobby. I almost always have a camera on me and take photos every day.

The themes I see repeating in my photography are love, beauty and freedom. This is what I’m feeling while I’m shooting and aim to capture with my camera. Of course these themes can take many forms in terms of subject matter, but this is what I’m connecting with as I’m drawn in to take a shot.

In addition to this photography site, I maintain a personal blog at where I post updates several days a week and share lots of photos of my dogs. 😃