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Detroit, US 31 F

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Snow Games

We had a beautiful snowfall today and I wanted to capture some shots of Rocky and Ringo. Ringo surprised me when he jumped into my view with a piece of weed barrier fabric he dug up from my garden bed. It wasn’t long before Rocky joined in and it was game on! 😂

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Michigan Farm Truck

This vintage Chevy farm truck with its amazing patina sits on my neighbor’s property like a work of art. It’s the first (of several) vehicles you will see when visiting.

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The Comeback Kids

It’s been a week since Ringo joined us and it’s already clear that he and Rocky are bonding. It is especially sweet that these two are so happy together, because they both had such rough starts in life that involved physical trauma.

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Hello Ringo

Say hello to Ringo, the newest member of the pack. This ten-month old, happy-go-lucky pup loves humans and dogs alike. Despite having a rough start in life with a painful and mysterious injury, he has a great attitude and playful personality.

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Say Cheese Rocky

I usually shoot at eye level with a dog, but I love these shots of Rocky taken from above at 15mm. There is certainly some distortion, but Rocky’s head and ears are actually big compared to his body. 😂

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